Have you ever been asked to do a PowerPoint presentation at a seminar or lecture where there’s no remote control? Or have you ever wondered if you could control the music player on your pc as they play and you’d actually be sitting far from it? All these and many more are possible with one single android app I’m going to show you. You can actually use your smartphone as a remote control with your pc.

Things Needed:
1. Android Phone
2. PC with Bluetooth

No time to waste, let’s begin.
1. Go to PlayStore on your Android phone.
2. Search for an app called “Unified Remote” that has the icon just like the one below.

smartphone as remote

3. Download the app and install it.
4. After installation, open it and you’ll be given a web address.
5. Visit the address with your pc and download the file available on the page which is about 5 megabytes. The file is actually the server application of the app. Install it on your pc, and change the settings to your specification. I choose to check “Start Server on system startup” under the “General” tab so I wouldn’t have to turn on the server anytime I want to connect.
That’s all. Now time to connect…

1. Connect your Android phone to your pc via Bluetooth. Make sure your wireless is turned on.
2. After the connection is done, open Unified Remote on your phone.
3. Click on “Servers”. Select your pc (would be available if you did the connection well). But then, if your pc name isn’t available, don’t fear, lol… Start the whole connection procedure again till your pc name shows up.
4. Select it and go a step back.
5. Still, in the app, click on remotes and you’ll find this list of functions;

Basic Input – Mouse (all functions of the mouse) and keyboard remote (typing on your phone while the texts appear in a text editor on your pc).
File Manager – for file system manager such as view, copy, cut, open files all with your phone.
Media – for general media remote ( play, pause, skip, increase or decrease play speed), etc.

There are about 15 functions in there including shutting down or restarting your pc. Boy, you can’t afford to lose this, but my favorites are the VLC, basic input to control my mouse pointer, slideshow for PowerPoint presentations and the media remote for general players like Jet audio player.

For PowerPoint presentations, just start the PowerPoint and leave the rest to the remote. You can go as far as beyond your room and still control your slides.
With the VLC and other media remotes, you can skip tracks, increase, or decrease the volume or even move the song ten seconds ahead. Cool right? Go for it. It’s just fun to use.

If you’ve got any questions regarding the app or its connections, feel free to contact me and I’m always ready to assist. And hey, don’t forget to share and leave a comment below. I need your comments to boost this blog. Thanks.

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