Do you need more twitter followers? Sure, you do. There is a solution to every problem, hence there is a way to get more twitter followers. You’ll find this tutorial very helpful after following these important procedures.

Getting more Twitter followers has a lot of benefits including exposing you more to the global village and most importantly getting you more traffic for your website and your business.

Before I set the ball rolling, let’s have a look at some few important information and statistics on twitter.

Twitter is a social network just like Facebook, Tumblr, and LinkedIn. It has a maximum of 140 characters for updating statuses or blogging. It is therefore called Micro Blogger.

  • There are over 500 million people using Twitter (including fake accounts)
  • There are 208 average followers per twitter account (You, therefore, need to get more followers, precisely more than 208 followers)
  • 60% of Twitter users access their accounts on mobile
  • There are approximately 21 million fake twitter accounts. Come to think of it.

Now, how do you get these followers? There are two strategies, what I call:

  1. Fast and Free Strategy
  2. Patient Strategies

For now, I’ll take you through the patient strategies first. You need to set up your account completely. When I say completely, I mean you should:

  • Have a Screen Name that matches with your username, if possible, should spell the same; and should relate to your niche.
  • Upload a professional, funny, or interesting quality profile picture depending on what your account relates to.
  • Have a well-written bio about yourself or your brand. Avoid promoting yourself (Who cares about how popular you are?). Ask yourself what visitors will get from you when they follow you. If you’re able to answer that correctly, then use that as your Twitter bio. For instance, if you visit @whatsappedia, the account tells visitors that it shares WhatsApp Jokes, Funny Pictures, and Videos. Simple and accurate.
  • If you’re operating a new twitter account, remember to post a few interesting, funny, or thought-provoking tweets regularly.

This method as stated earlier is for a lifetime or for the patient twitter users. Though it’s for the patient users, everyone including those who applied the first method needs to adopt the method as well to get more twitter followers, keep their followers and make their account more engaging.

Follow these simple methods I’m going to show you below:

Steps to Get More Twitter Followers

  • Tweet Frequently: This will enable your followers to know that you or your account is real. Nobody wants to follow an account that does not tweet. Others use tools such as Tweepi to unfollow accounts that do not tweet very often. I promise that this would get you more twitter followers.
  • Tweet about interesting or funny topics especially relating to your niche, though you may occasionally tweet about a variety of topics. You can schedule your tweets to be posted at regular intervals and even at night since you may be having more twitter followers in other time zones. These will increase your exposure and encourage your followers to retweet your tweets. You can search the web for interesting tweets to share. Don’t forget to be transparent, and remember you don’t have to annoy your followers with so many tweets.
  • Post pictures, and videos as well. You can connect your Instagram account to your twitter account so that, after posting to Instagram, you’d have the same picture posted to your twitter account. I’ve done that for most of my accounts. It has a vast load of benefits in getting you more twitter followers.
  • Use #hash_tags: When you use hashtags on your posts, it helps to connect you to accounts that are in your niche. This will help to expose you so that they follow you. You can use at most two per tweet. It’s cool. Don’t overuse it. When you use #funny as your hashtag and someone searches for funny or clicks on the same hashtag on a different profile, they would be directed to accounts that used #funny and you won’t be left out.
  • You can create a broadcast list of all your friends on WhatsApp and share your twitter account or link with them to follow you. Or even your Facebook friends.
  • Follow Famous people and tweet to them or retweet their posts. You may end up getting a retweet one day from them which would improve your reputation to get more twitter followers.
  • Follow everyone who follows you with Twiends and use it as well to unfollow accounts that do not follow you back after a period of time.
  • One very important trick: Find accounts that follow accounts in your niche. Don’t understand? Consider this, I operate an account with the username @whatsappedia. I share WhatsApp jokes, Funny Pictures, and videos. What I’ll do is search for an account with the names, #Jokes or #LOL or #Funny. Now I’ll find from the results an account with more twitter followers and check out the people who follow them. What it actually means is that, if those followers are interested in jokes, they’ll follow me back if I follow them. Cool, isn’t it?
  • Retweet posts you find interesting: This will encourage others to retweet yours to increase your exposure.
  • Lastly, this is not one of the tips, it is to alert you once again that these methods should be done for a lifetime, therefore, you need to be patient to get more twitter followers when practicing these methods. But if you’re still not satisfied with the number of followers, probably, you want to beat Justin Bieber’s account, you can buy twitter followers from sites such as Fiverr.

Leave a comment and sign off with your twitter username after reading for a follow.

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