If you’re a blogger like myself, then you should find this post on how to make a good blog post worth reading. To get visitors or readers coming back for more of your posts, then you should not be just a blogger but a good and innovative one. Whatever you write online should be your possible best because you may not get time to edit it any longer, and of course, that is what people are going to judge you on. From your very first post after creating your website, any post should be your best. Now let’s begin by looking at what you need to do first before typing:

Prerequisites for Writing a Good Blog Post

These are the steps I follow and I think it’s best if you also do.

1. Find a Need That Relates to Your Blog

It’s very important to find a need because it’s not everything that people would be interested in to read from your blog. Hence, if you want to make a good blog post, try to be unique because people might have heard enough on a particular topic and may find yours one of those boring posts unless you give them a new approach or a good reason why they should read what you also have to tell. For instance, I have chosen to write on this topic, though there are a lot more people writing on it because I think I’ve got a good point to prove over here that others are not talking about. Enough of the “blah blah blah”, let me go on with the key issues. After finding a need that you think deserves your idea, go ahead to step two:

2. Keyword Research

Keyword research is very important because it helps you know if people are searching for answers relating to that topic you have chosen. It also helps you to know if the keywords in that topic have a high or low competition. Keyword research can be done using the Google Keyword Research Tool or other alternatives such as Soovle. After getting your keywords in place, which I recommend you copy the most popular ones into a text editor like notepad, move on to step three:

3. Make Searches to Find out What Others Are Saying about the Topic

I may not be perfect, so you may not be. Therefore you need to read people’s perceptions and know what they know or want to know about the topic. This would help you learn a lot that you may not know before starting to write. Simple as that. When you search, don’t only read the blog posts only. Do read most of the comments people have written under them. It’s very important, and I guess you know why – they’re the same people who are searching for answers about the topic and they’re the same people going to read yours probably a time to come. Alright, I hope you got that trick too. Now to step four; Note: These are my steps after my research on how to write a good blog post and practices that helped me. Let me know what you also think after reading. To step four:

4. Write down Your Ideas in Points

This is where you put your own ideas on paper based on what you think will work best and on what you’ve learned from the other sources. This part is very important because people try to copy people totally and neglect what they know probably because they see other bloggers enjoying more comments than they get. I really don’t care about that. Let me tell you, I didn’t know I could write good blog posts until I started to take a step. Enough of the bragging, ”haha”, all I want you to know is that you should be yourself and prove to your readers what you think is the best and I assure you that, after a couple of posts, they will be chasing after you. I totally agree with this proverb “When you fail to plan, you plan to fail”. Plan your post by writing your ideas first on paper and in points. Posts with lots of subheadings or listed points are better than those with few headings. Why? Because even if your write-up isn’t that interesting or is not a good blog post,, people would pass by to read your listed points, which is not a bad one. Since you have read from other blogs and done keyword research, I promise you, you’ll have a lot of ideas to write on. This shouldn’t allow you to also copy word to word what others have written. No matter how “sweet” others ideas are, yours should come first because the best you can be is you so learn to be unique.

Get all the Resources You Need in Place

I like pictures. If you want to make a good blog post, you should like using pictures too, quality ones. People are more engaged in a post with pictures than those without any. As I always recommend, free quality pictures can be downloaded from sites such as FreepikUnsplash, or Pixabay. What of links? Yes, it’s good to have both outbound and inbound links for your post. This increases your search engine optimization and grows your traffic. But one clue I’ll recommend is to find out if the outbound links you’ve chosen offer affiliates some commission for referrals or for purchase. Not only does that increase your traffic, you also earn when you refer people or when they make purchases from those sites. Find all posts that relate to the current post you’d be making and write down their links as well. Now, all is set. It’s time to write your post so you move on to the second category (Writing Your Good Blog Post).

Writing Your Good Blog Post

These are the points you need to take note of as you write your good blog post: Choose an Attractive Heading Based on Your Keyword Research:

The first thing that will make someone click on your link or post is how quickly they’re attracted to your title – even in search results.

The introduction should be Simple and Interesting:

When you get readers interested in your first paragraph, they’ll end up reading your whole article. This is very important in writing a good blog post.Write Conversational and Simple Sentences:

This helps readers engage more with you and your posts.

Be Practical and Let Readers Understand What You’re Talking About:

Avoid writing from your own understanding. Write in a way that your readers will understand. This depends much on people you have targeted or those who usually read your good blog posts. If you know what they want, clearly give it to them and that’s all.

Avoid Long Sentences and Big Vocabulary:

In most developing countries, they say “If you want to hide something from the people, just write them in a book.” It’s because they may not understand the terms. It’s simply not practical to their level of understanding. That is one very good reason why you should have images as part of your good blog posts. I keep stressing on images because even if you’re not used to, I want you to develop the habit of using them.

Sign Off with a Call To Action:

share image good blog postYour CTA (Call To Action) can be in different forms depending on what you want or think best suits your article. For instance, when reviewing a product you want to market, your CTA can direct them to buy the product. In my articles, what I normally do is ask people to comment, subscribe to my blog and share them. Other CTAs can be to ask readers to contact you when they need to. This will help develop a long-term relationship with your readers. Don’t also forget to have social share buttons under each of your blog posts.

I think you’ve learned a lot from this long post. As I’m also signing off now, I’ll like to hear from you what you think about the article in the comment box. Personally, I think this is a good blog post, but I’ll like to hear from you too. I will also encourage you to share what you’ve learned. This would help increase my traffic as well. Thank you very much for your time. Please share and subscribe.

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