A blog, also known as weblog; is a public diary on the web. When you write an article online, it’s called a blog post. A website can also be called a blog if all it does is being updated regularly with blog posts. You may be wondering why you should start blogging now when you don’t actually seem to be ready. The rate at which the Internet is gaining popularity, you may be missing out if all you do with it is checking your email, visiting social sites, and chatting. There are a lot of benefits to blogging which I’m going to summarize in five simple points.

5 Reasons Why You Should Start Blogging Now

1. Blogging Helps to Promote Your Brand

When it comes to branding, we’ve got personal branding, business branding, and product branding, among others. Any or all of these can be started or boosted using blogging. There are billions of people who use the Internet. Most of these people can become your customers when you blog regularly, especially with a unique identity. You get to meet new people and attract new clients as you update your blog from time to time.

2. Generate Traffic and Increase Sales.

Search engines like websites that blog or update their sites regularly. As you blog, you get traffic to your website through search engines, even on a free WordPress or Blogger blog; and this helps to increase your sales through visits to your website. It also gives you the chance to explain to your customers why they need to buy your products since you can get the opportunity to explain to them the mode of use and the benefits of using them.

3. Blogs Paradoxically Serve the Same Purpose as TV stations.

Why do I add this as a reason? Maybe you’re dreaming of owning a TV station. Imagine the cost involved. But then, when you set up a blog, you may get the same or more customers to share and advertise to them. All your posts which are your programs, in the case of the TV station are always available to your customers without them having to miss your past posts. In this case, you’ve been able to set up your own business online without spending much, and it’s open to the whole world. You have the chance to tell your readers what you think is good and new and advertise to them on the best online deals. You can imagine the fun that comes with it.

4. Blogs Cost Little or No Money to Set Up.

If you have read my article on creating a website with a free domain name and hosting, you’ll realize that you can even set up your website now without spending much money. Platforms that you can start blogging and get traffic are WordPress, Blogger, or Tumblr. Don’t only post your stuff on Facebook and Twitter. Start blogging today. Don’t say you’ve not got a website yet. You can actually set up your website by reading this tutorial.

5. Helps You Learn and Know More About Your Topic of Interest

Before writing an article, you research on it before putting pen on paper. This helps you to learn a whole lot. This will make you more productive and make your life even better.

These are a few of the many reasons why you should set up and start blogging now. The Internet is getting better each passing second. Why not register your brand online now? You’d be open to a lot of amazing opportunities if you do. If you want to you can start by reading this blog post. You can register for free blogs on WordPress, Blogger, or Tumblr.

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