There are a lot of websites in Ghana. When you read my article on the top most visited websites in Ghana, you would find that four of the websites are news websites in Ghana. This shows how interested Ghanaians are in news about their country.

Latest News in Ghana, Breaking News, Sports News in Ghana, Football News, Entertainment, Fashion, and Political News are the most common categories they are interested in. The list below covers the most visited news websites. For more information,  visit


    GhanaWeb is the 1st on the list of top news websites in Ghana. This site fascinates me because it gets a high volume of traffic from Google. This I will attribute to the large number of content on the site, and the age of the domain. Ghanaweb gets about 2.8 million monthly unique visitors, and about 270,000 daily unique visitors. This is far less than the number of page views they get. On a monthly basis, they get about 84 million views and about 2.8 million views daily. That is huge! The contents on the site include Daily Updated News from Ghana, Sports News, Business News, Entertainment News, Politics, and more. In my previous article in 2015, MyJoyOnline was leading the news websites but now overtaken by GhanaWeb.

  2. is a news website owned by Joy FM in Ghana. MyJoyOnline has fallen one place to GhanaWeb. Contents on this website are Ghana News, Politics, Business News, Entertainment News, Opinions, Politics, and many more. One thing I like about is that they approach their stories with professionalism. This makes them a trusted source for news in Ghana. I don’t usually get time to read from these top news websites in Ghana so I subscribe to their Facebook Pages, most especially the Facebook Page to read just the headlines.


    As the name implies, Peacefmonline is owned by Peace fm in Ghana. The same company owns the popular UTV station that gets people crazy over telenovelas. It takes third on our list of top news websites in Ghana. Peacefmonline boasts of Ghanaian Local News, Ghana Politics and Elections, Music and Entertainment News, Ghana Sports News, Ghana Business News, Articles, and more.

  4. is one of Ghana’s popular news platform online with 24/7 news, gist, music, movies, events. It is the 4th on the list of most visited news websites in Ghana. The contents of this site are Business News, Sports News, what they call Filla, Celebrity News, Innovation, Videos, Ghana Music, Movies, Lifestyle, Campus News, and more.


    Graphic Online as it is popularly called is the online news platform for what we used to call Daily Graphic. Someone said every newspaper in Ghana is called ‘Graphic’. So then another person asks what the meaning of Graphic is. Graphic is anything relating to visual art, especially involving drawing, engraving, or lettering. It is no wonder that Graphic online is the 5th on our top news websites in Ghana. Daily Graphic has contents on Ghanaian Politics, Business, Entertainment, Sports, Videos, and more.


    Just like MyJoyOnline, Citifmonline is one of my favorite online news platforms. If you are a type like me who doesn’t listen to the rumblings on radio, Citifmonline, and MyJoyOnline are the best places to get quality and professional news. Citifmonline does not fall among the 6 most visited news websites in Ghana according to Alexa but I have added it because it is one of the best sources for news in Ghana. Contents on their website include Business News; which I think it’s the best in business news and analysis in Ghana, Politics, Elections, Sports, Showbiz, Odd but True, Opinion, Relationship, and more.

Conclusion on The Top 6 News Websites in Ghana

This is the list of top news websites in Ghana. Do you own a news website? Are you passionate about owning one? This is the time to get into action.

One thing you need to know is that the older your website; accompanied with some other search engine optimization ranking factors, the more your visitors from Google, and the more money you make, and very soon, you will need extra servers to handle your visitors and a bigger bank to keep your money.

There are a lot of hungry people out there who are ready to read what you have written. Why not let me design a news website for you. A news website can cost you as low as 400 to 600 cedis. Call me on +233 54 877 1088 or send me a message now. Don’t forget to leave a comment and share.

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