Statistics and information are very important tools in every business. When talking about statistics and vital information, websites, and Internet marketing in Ghana cannot be left out. Those who have the information are the ones leading the market, that is why I have put together this list of the most visited websites in Ghana for both my analysis and yours.


Most Visited Websites in Ghana – August 2015

    This is the Ghanaian version of Google, the search engine. If you’re signed in on Google and you’re in Ghana, your address bar shows that you’ve visited This is where you have languages such as Twi, Ga, and ewe in the footer of the search engine.
    This is the international version of Google, the search engine. You visit this site by default if you’re not signed in on Google. There’s no difference between the two, just that the former gives you search results which are more specific to Ghana.
  3. Facebook
    Facebook is the biggest social network site in the world. It’s the second most visited site in the world after Google with over 1.4 billion active users.
  4. Yahoo, just like Google is a search engine. I wonder why Yahoo falls between Google and Facebook. If you’re in Ghana, you may guess why – Young guys who like using Yahoo too much in Ghana are referred to as Yahoo boys.
  5. YouTube
    YouTube is the most visited video search and upload website in Ghana and the world. It ranks third after Facebook in the world.
  6. Ask
    Ask is a search engine just like Google and Yahoo! It is not part of the first 20 most visited websites in the world. Do you know why it is most visited in Ghana? The hard truth is that Ask comes bundled with a lot of software that most Ghanaians love to download; and in the course of installing that software, they install the ask search engine in their browsers. Though this is not 100% confirmed, I personally assume that this is most credible.
    Okay, so we’re discussing the most visited websites in Ghana and here comes the only website from Ghana that falls within the first seven. is a news website owned by Joy FM in Ghana. You can see how hungry Ghanaians are for news about their country. If you want to operate a website in Ghana and make some good money, I’ll advise you to give a news website a try, if only you can do it really well, I mean writing and searching for news.
    GhanaWeb, just like is a news website owned by a private individual, and a second most visited Ghanaian owned website.
    PeaceFmOnline is the third Ghanaian owned website and also a news website owned by Peace FM in Ghana. News, news, and more news.
  10. seeks to be Earth’s most customer-centric company, where customers can find discover anything they might want to buy online.

  11. Wikipedia
    Wikipedia is an American owned wiki website for the search for information about all topics. It ranks seventh in the world.
  12. Alibaba
    Alibaba is an online shop that sells all kinds of stuff. Most Ghanaians buy from Alibaba because their stuff are cheap and includes free shipping. One other reason for their popularity in Ghana is that they advertise their shop on a lot of websites.
  13. is one of Ghana’s popular news platform online. 24/7 news, gist, music, movies, events
  14. OnClickAds.netOnClickAds is an ad serving website where most website owners in Ghana use to monetize their websites and blogs.
  15. MyStart is a browser extension that helps you to control your browsing with customized Start & New tab pages; personalize backgrounds, access bookmarks, apps, & reopen closed tabs. It is provided by Yahoo. This means your default search engine is going to be Yahoo search.
  16. Tonaton.comTonaton is one of the largest online marketplaces in Ghana that allows people to sell their own products or buy other’s products. Tonaton is a Ghanaian (Twi) word that means buy and sell. Its current competitor is
  17. is a sports website that Ghanaians visit to find out the latest in sports news.
  18. OutbrainOutbrain, just like OnClickAds is an ad serving website. If you visit some news websites or blogs and you see Other topics you may be interested in” just below the articles that take you to other websites upon clicking, then it probably may be Outbrain. Website owners make money from such Outbrain links.
  19.  AdcashAdcash is also an Ad serving website just like Outbrain and OnClickAds. It uses sophisticated algorithms to reach audiences most likely to respond to their ads, giving Publishers a highly effective way of monetizing their traffic.
  20. AliExpress.comAliExpress, just like is an online shop for the sale of all kinds of products.
  21. Ug.Edu.ghThis is the premier university of Ghana’s website: The University of Ghana, Legon.
  22. LinkedInLinkedIn is a business network site. It ranks 15th internationally.


This is the complete list of the first 22 websites that are most visited in Ghana. What is your website? Is it in the Alexa index? If not, submit your site here.
If it is on the list, what is the rank? How do you make it rank better? To make your website rank better, you need to make it responsive if it’s not. You also need to make it user-friendly to improve engagement. Add contents that will make users come for more.

Now you know the statistics, news websites (, GhanaWeb, are in the lead in Ghana. Information websites (Google, Yahoo, Wikipedia, YouTube), Social networking (Facebook), and Entertainment websites (YouTube) are the leading websites globally.

What is your next website project? What are your targeted customers? Let’s discuss your idea. Contact me and let me get your site designed.

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