Search Engine Optimization, written in short as SEO is the process of tweaking your website structure and content so that it can be found on search engines like Google, and Bing.

Search Engines use search robot applications to crawl all contents on the web, especially those that have been given authority by search engines to crawl, index or search through.

This means you can give search engines the chance to or not to index the contents on your website or an individual web page.

Please note that this post is for complete newbies or people who are completely new to SEO or Search Engine Optimization. Experts can also learn something new as they read along.

When you have a website or planning to own one, one most important way of getting new customers or visitors is through search engines. But it isn’t that easy, though free. Businesses pay huge sums of money to get their brand and services advertised on tv and radio stations.

If you advertise your business on Google, be it for free or using their paid advertisement called Adwords, you advertise to targeted customers only, but worldwide. This means that your sales are going to be faster and much more than tv ads.

How Do You Advertise Your Business on Google?

How do you advertise your business on Google? There are two ways as I said earlier; through Adwords (paid), and Search Engine Optimization (free). It’ll amaze you to know that the free one which is through Search Engine Optimization is better than the paid one.

Because this is free and if you rank on page one of the search engines, you remain there to receive visitors all the time, if only you continue to monitor your search engine campaign. Considering the millions of websites online and still counting, it is very competitive.

Practical Illustration of Search Engine Optimization

Take, for instance, this post I’ve written. There are thousands of articles online that explains Search Engine Optimization as a topic the same way. Most of which are complex for someone who’s new to Search Engine Optimization to understand.

So how do you come by this article if you’re on Google? Unless I optimize (tweak) this article better than all the other thousands of articles online to come on top of the thousand search results.

And don’t doubt this, if you’re first on the Search Engine Results Page, about 80 percent of the searchers will click on your link. If you’re, say 40th on the Search Engine Results Pages, the probability of getting visitors from search engines is very minimal.

So How Do You Do It?

To the Question: How do you get your website or contents to the top of Search Engines Results Pages? It takes a lot of time, strategies, and experience to become a search engine optimization guru and get your websites to rank better.

If you don’t have enough time for Search Engine Optimization, you can pay for this service to a Search Engine Optimization guru to do that for you. But it’s better to learn and do it yourself.

Earlier in the post, I made mention of using Google Adwords as a paid strategy to get customers. Though you can use that to get your customers fast, but if you want a method that can bring in customers every day, then search engine optimization is best for you.

This is because your AdWords will have a limit depending on the amount you pay but Search Engine Optimization has no limits to the customers you’ll get.

The strategies employed begins from the coding of your site to launching and never ends until you stop Google from crawling your website or completely deletes the site.

It never ends because, even after ranking on the first page of Google and being the first result, you’ll need to still be working on it so that the other search results websites behind you do not come to outrank you and take the first position.

Another reason is that the search algorithms keep changing, hence may affect you adversely if you don’t keep your site up to date.

Where Do You Begin in SEO?

Because of how broad the topic and strategies of search engine optimization is, I’ll leave the strategies for search engine optimization to the next post: 22 Top SEO Ranking Factors 2015.

This should hence be the wrap up of this introduction to search engine optimization. Remember that, more customers mean more sales, and the only biggest bet to get customers online is by using Search Engine Optimization.

What do you think about all you’ve read? Let’s talk in the comments and meet me in the next post.

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