If you have been online for some time now, you would have come across the word WordPress, WordPress themes, plugins, or Content Management System. So, what is WordPress?

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a blogging platform. It is a Content Management System. You can use it to create websites without coding. It is used to update the contents of your website without changing the code base.

Also, it allows you to create any type of Website you like. It is fast, makes Web Design faster; ideal for both the newbie, the Web Designer, and the Web Developer. Sorry, I didn’t mention the Software Developer.

Software Developer? Yes, the Software Developer. There are currently plugins that allow you to create software on WordPress. What more can I say? It is the best Web Design Software in the world.

Now, a quick look at each individual component mentioned above.

WordPress is a Blogging Platform

If you want to create a free blog where you can write online articles without paying a dime, head over to www.wordpress.com, create an account and start blogging.

If you want more advanced blogging experience, go to dtechghana.com, buy a domain name, get a hosting company, install to start something great.

I’ll advise you to go for the later (WordPress.org) to have full control of your site/blog. Other free blogging platform alternatives are blogger.com and tumblr.com.

A Content Management System Used By Millions

A Content Management System allows you to have everything on your site from codes to pictures arranged in a way which allows you to edit your website contents on the fly without touching a single line of code.

It comes in handy so you can have user accounts for any number of administrators, authors or editors who can be adding contents, checking for site security and sales wherever they are. Great, isn’t it?

It is used for Creating Websites without Coding

Not everyone will learn to code in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, PHP, or other Web and Programming Languages.

But everyone will need a website as the years go by, most especially to their own likeness. With WordPress, you can create your own website without paying for the design process.

The days of paying huge amounts for a website are long gone.

WordPress allows you to create any type of Website you Like

WordPress uses themes and plugins to make websites complete. Themes give the appearance, design, or template of the website.

Plugins, on the other hand, add functionalities to the website. Imagine you want to create a website that allows your users, to post ads or one that is a social network; all you need is to install a theme, most of which are free, and plugins that do that specific function you want.

I’m just hoping for a time that there would be a plugin that allows people to download ice cream (physical) online, haha!

It is Fast

How do I explain the fastness of WordPress?

The installation process is just a click away. Most importantly, websites created on it load very fast despite the large chunk of codes that it uses. One reason for this is that it uses PHP which is also very fast.

The speed of your website is very important.

It Makes Web Design Faster

With experience in WordPress, you can create, complete, and launch a full website within six hours, or even less.

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