Before creating a website for your business, company, or service, you should make sure you have read these important tips on good website qualities.

You don’t create the website and leave it just like that and expect visitors to troop in and as well come back for updates. I have therefore prepared this article so that you can get the best out of your website.

The following are the qualities you need to consider even from choosing your domain name.

Qualities of a Good Website

1. Perfect Domain Name:

Domain names are the key to your website, and so is one of the good website qualities. In choosing your domain name, make sure it matches with your brand name, simple, and if possible, search engine friendly. For instance, if your website is going to be about the sale of soaps, your domain name could be Your domain should be easy to be remembered and should be easily typed, short as possible.

2. Appearance:

The appearance of your website is one important factor after your website is set up. The visual appearance should be beautiful, attractive and professional. This is very important because your website represents the window to your business. I can imagine myself visit some websites with good website qualities over and over again I’m like, wow! The quality of your website shows how your business products and services are going to be.

– Colors:

You should use colors correctly. If you’re not good at color selection and combination, you should do little research on that before making your color selection.

– High-Quality Images:

You should learn to use images on your website since images help to catch the attention of readers. Images you use should be of high quality. You can get free high-quality images from sites such as Freepik or Unsplash.

– Clear Beautiful Fonts:

Beautiful fonts also keep readers active on your website. You can get free beautiful and thin fonts from Google fonts or Font Squirrel or use font plugins in WordPress.

– Nice Icons:

You don’t want your visitors to think you’re joking or playing games on your website. They need to trust you, therefore the need to include your social icons on your website to let them know that you are the sole owner of those social accounts. You need quality icons that will show your professionalism. There are a lot of free icons on the web and a typical example of sites you can get free beautiful icons is If you’re using WordPress to build your website, I’ll recommend you search Top 25 Social Icons. That’s the plugin I use below in my footer. It’s cool. You have 25 social icons to use for that plugin.

– Easy Navigation:

Wherever you’ll categorize site navigation, I think it’s one most important thing you can’t live without. You can check how simple my header is, and then my footer. Since this website is mainly for blogging, there’s no need having a long list of menu pages on top there. The reason has been that I share most of my blog posts on social websites, and when someone comes to read, the person needs not scroll down for a long time before seeing the main article which is his main reason for clicking the link I posted. You should choose a navigation that can also easily direct your visitors to the right page or post they want to access. Not forgetting the responsiveness.

3. Content:

With contents, you need to ask yourself which type of website you are developing an answer and focus on that strictly without beating about the bush. Make your contents easy to read by paragraphing your work and update them regularly. Not forgetting it’s quality. I have to plead with you to write quality content because it’s benefits are countless.

4. Compatible on All Browsers:

After developing your website, make sure to test it on all the major browsers; Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Opera to make sure they’re displaying perfectly. Sometimes, how a website displays on one browser could be completely different from the other. If all is well, you move on to different devices; desktops, tablets, smartphones, and possibly feature phones. On phones, remember Opera mini does not render JavaScript so you should take note if you have some scripts to run. Try turning off or on “Single Column View” and “Text wrapping” in Opera Mini Settings to see the results of your pages – totally different. Most comment plugins in WordPress are at risk of this because when they’re turned off, you’ll not see any comment box, same with some social sharing plugins.

5. Functionality:

All functionality seems to talk about is how effective each page, link, or form achieves its results. Regular checks must be done before and after updates are published to correct errors that may be associated with those links. There should be a nice error page where visitors can be redirected to probably the home page or search box.

6. Website Usability:

Your website should be easy for the visitor to use. Pages should not take years to load. Navigation should do what they’re intended for and perfectly.

7. Website Security:

These days, a lot of websites are being hacked because they are not well secured. This is a very important quality of a good website. You don’t want to lose your website data to hackers. To make your website pass the good website qualities, it should be well secured.

8. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Friendly:

The main source of traffic for websites is search engines. What is the essence of writing contents on your website or blogging each day without getting people to read them? Your main reason for creating your website should be to attract targeted customers unless you otherwise have special reasons to hide your contents. Read this article on  Top SEO Ranking Factors.

Thank you for finding time to read this rather long post. I hope you’ve learned something today. Please share this post and share your comments as well below.

Feel free to share your thoughts with me. You can also ask any question that bothers your mind. I’m always ready to discuss with you and help you out with what I also know. Thank you.

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