Many people have been wondering whether to buy a dot com, dot org, or dot net domain name. The answer is simple, find out what each TLD (Top Level Domains) means.

Most Common Top Level Domains

There are a lot of TLDs in the market today. The earliest and most popular ones are the dot com, dot org, and dot net. If you’re unsure of which one to use, let’s define what dot com, dot org, or dot net means and see which your website best relates to.

Meaning of Dot Com, Dot Org, and Dot Net

Dot Com is generally used to stand for commercial businesses. If you’re running a commercial business, then the best TLD for you is probably dot com.

Dot Org generally stands for organization. If you’re running an organization, then the best TLD for you should probably be a dot Org.

Dot Net on the other hand generally represents a network of businesses or network providers. If you’re running such, then the best probable TLD for you is the dot net.

Other Top Level Domains (TLD)

There are a lot of other TLDs that are available and coming up. Here is the list of a few of them.







.name etc

One issue is that these TLDs are far more expensive than the common ones. This doesn’t also make such domains better than the usual dot com ones.

Country Code Top Level Domains (ccTLDs)

There are TLDs that are for businesses in specific countries only. They are also very expensive. You need to have a registered company in that country to have country-specific TLDs. Examples are dot co dot uk ( for people and businesses in uk, dot com dot Gh ( for Ghana, dot us (.us) for the USA, dot ng (.ng) for Nigerians, and the likes.

Top Level Domains for Post Secondary Schools

Postsecondary Schools have also got their own TLDs that also states the particular country the schools are found. For instance dot edu dot Gh for Ghanaian schools, Dot edu dot uk, etc.

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